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Friendly reminder that:

  • Dick Grayson is of Romani descent
  • Tim Drake was originally designed to be of Asian heritage
  • Damian Wayne is of Arabic and Chinese descent from Talia
  • Cassandra Cain is half Asian (Lady Shiva’s Nationality is ambiguous)
  • Pre-52 Helena Bertinelli is Italian
  • New-52 Helena Bertinelli is of a mixed Italian and African descent
  • Kate Kane is Jewish (in addition to being openly homosexual)
  • Bilal Asselah (Nightrunner) is an Algerian Muslim
  • David Zavimbe (Batwing) is Congolese from the DRoC
  • Luke Fox (Batwing II) is African-American.
  • The Batfamily isn’t made up people only from the whitest parts of Europe and that it actually is fairly diverse even if most comic and fan artists don’t depict it that way.


Jason Todd


"Hang on Hawkguy! Help is on the way!’

Hawkeye vs Deadpool #0


"There’s too much money to be made in misery"

"Why cure a disease when you can make people pay for medicine"

"who gave you permissions to use my first name?"

t’chaka was truly that dude


Why aren’t women in superhero comics all built like this?  (Kara Webb)

You work in the industry, dude, ask around (because we all know the answer already)


Huntress doodle after rewatching JLU :)

Who is Kate Bishop?  In a word, trouble.


Superhero Movies Dee Wants To See

Number 1: Steel

Omari Hardwick as John Henry Irons “Given your reputation Mister Luthor I can’t allow my company’s tech to fall into your hands.”

Yaya DaCosta as Natasha Irons “I understand you feel responsible for Metallo, but you don’t have to put yourself in danger to stop him. Think of your family.”

Alexander Skarsgard as Metallo “All of Metropolis will pay for what has been done to me!”

Comic Meme | Top 5 Ships ➞ Gwen Stacy / Mary Jane Watson (Ultimate) (4/5)