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Who is Kate Bishop?  In a word, trouble.


Superhero Movies Dee Wants To See

Number 1: Steel

Omari Hardwick as John Henry Irons “Given your reputation Mister Luthor I can’t allow my company’s tech to fall into your hands.”

Yaya DaCosta as Natasha Irons “I understand you feel responsible for Metallo, but you don’t have to put yourself in danger to stop him. Think of your family.”

Alexander Skarsgard as Metallo “All of Metropolis will pay for what has been done to me!”

Comic Meme | Top 5 Ships ➞ Gwen Stacy / Mary Jane Watson (Ultimate) (4/5)

Omnibus Editions of DEMO and NEW YORK FOUR 


So in November of this year and April of next, Dark Horse is publishing deluxe, omnibus-style editions of those two books.  THE NEW YORK FOUR will combine that book plus The New York Five, and 25-odd pages of of extras.  DEMO will collect all 18 issues of the series, plus an extras section as well.  Both will be high-end softcovers, just like my Channel Zero omnibus.

New York Four is 300+ pages for $20.  November 5th.  Here’s Ryan Kelly’s amazing cover.  The Demo details are still to come.



the fantastic four are the most boring superheros wow a rock nigga, a long nigga, a bitch, and a fire nigga wow okay. what was the bitch’s power


Deadpool (Wade Wilson)

And when the job is done I get my money in a pillow case with a big dollar sign on it!

Marvel NOW! → Deadpool 001


Lucien Gates is THE RAY



The Nu52 miniseries from DC that probably no one heard about or read but really should have since he really hasn’t shown up since was The Ray the 2011-2012 mini by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray. I know Jimmy is currently in hot water right now with the Harley talent-pool search prompt but by Nu52 standards The Ray starring the new Ray, Korean-American Lucien Gates is by all means…pretty much what many people are asking for in a superhero title and I think is worth a second look.

First Lucien is a  non-stereotypical Korean-American. No martial arts. No super genius. Nothing mystical. Nothing invented. He’s a Californian beach bum and lifeguard who literally gets accidentally zapped by a government light beam experiment. Origin story straight from the 50s. He’s masculine, a bit of a flirt and is actively objectified in the Dick Grayson manner by other characters and popular with girls because he’s charismatic, super fit and attractive (not just because he’s Asian) all of the above unfairly and seldom seen in the depiction of Asian men in western pop media. His girlfriend Chanti is Indian of Hindu faith, and his best friend and fellow lifeguard Darius is African-American. His white parents are cringe-worthy appropriative new age 70s California hippies (intentionally so) which makes Lucien also an adoptee. So cast; pretty diverse.

Additionally a cool element to Lucien’s powers is that he cannot fly like normal superheros but has to essentially refract which makes art spreads of him battling in costume rather unique and more compelling.

It’s not entirely perfect, as the main villain’s first appearance involves some pretty lame stereotypes of native tribes in the back story and also shows elements of the nu52’s dedication to grittiness by punching a guy through the face but the rest of the first issue is more or less Lucien battling giant alien jellyfish. But overall a decent mini-series.

But yeah, Lucien Gates, should probably be a bit better known don’t you think?

I promise now. Here. I will be by your side always.